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Everyone wants the top rank in search engine result page.

Because it’s proven that Rank 1 gets the most traffic. ( 33% as per a study)

Just imagine, how much traffic you can get if Google puts you at the topmost position, and that too highlighted.

Rich snippet the marketing cat

RICH SNIPPET for the search term rich snippet (Kinda Inception 😂)

Ignore the Hindi translation of Rich snippets

If you search certain terms on Google, rich snippets are shown with additional data.

Gone are the days, when people eyed rank 1 with lust, rich snippets are the new quests of SEOs.

Not only rich snippets help SEO, but also your chances of getting the most traffic are skyrocketed.

How to get featured in Rich Snippets?

Alert: (Boring details for next few lines.)

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To get a higher rankings in Google search results, you’ll have to focus on three simple aspects:

1. Content – Identify which details you want Google to focus on. Focusing on answering Questions is a great way to get a rich snippet on Google.

2. SEO – Technical SEO as excruciating it may be, is part of the job.

  • Define your webpage using Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper.
  • Create microdata for your webpage using your selected data type.

3. Test and Tweak: Test your rich snippet. If your hard work isn’t paying, tweak your strategy.

Adding Rich Snippets on Your Website:

Here’s the magic tool. It’s called Structured Data Markup Helper.

It’s so easy that even a beginner can do it.

1. Click here to open it.

Google structured data tester

2. Choose the type of data that you want to markup.

You can choose from following categories:

  • Articles
  • Book reviews
  • Data set
  • Event
  • Job posting
  • Local businesses
  • Movies
  • Products
  • Question and answer page
  • Restaurants
  • Software applications
  • TV episodes

3. In the given box, paste the URL of the page you plan to markup.

4. Highlight and select the elements that you want to mark up.

Generate structured data markup

5. Once you are done, create the HTML.

Final tags

6. Insert the generated schema markup into your web page. Edit it in HTML mode.

What is Google Rich Result Tester?

Google rich result tester

Google’s rich results test tool reviews URLs to see which potential rich results your page is eligible for. The tool also highlights any errors.

When you add the structured data to your HTML, check if it’s done correctly by Google rich result tester.

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