7 Best Illustrators on Instagram – Branding Your Art

Let’s accept this : There’s a flood of accounts on Instagram.

Trying to find something of value has become a tough task. I mean I am not complaining about the mass presence. But, I am just annoyed that it has made work hard for the people who have something substantial to offer.

Plus, reels have annoyingly became a very large part of the Instagram culture. With that, I feel bad for the artists who put up so much effort into creating something interesting that go unnoticed.

Cliched reels outweigh the creative art.

In hindsight, reels are great opportunities for these artists if they use it to their advantage.

On instagram, one of my guilty pleasure is to watch oil painting IGTV videos & reels.

I don’t know what it’s about colours and brushes, but I love watching the process.

And, there’s another kind of Instagram accounts I love following: Illustrators.

Who are Illustrators?

In simple language, illustrators make content based graphics.

These 2D designs can be used in magazines, cartoons, children books, etc.

An illustrator is an artist who specializes in enhancing writing or elucidating concepts by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of the associated text or idea.

You must have seen some such cartoons or funny artwork on Instagram.

Today I am going to bring some underrated or well perceived but best illustrators you can’t miss:

Best Illustrators on Instagram

Behance to artists is, what Instagram is to models.

Although you must be looking for great creative artists on Behance, Instagram has ventured into this creative territory.

There are many wonderful illustrators, animators, designers, authors, painters, graphic designers, and artists who are not only showcasing their skills but also bagging gigs on Instagram.

Before beginning the rundown, I must admit there might be many other illustrators I might not have heard of. But, that doesn’t make them any less talented. If you want to suggest any names, you may comment below or send your suggestions to my Instagram handle @themarketingcat_

1. Lera Kiryakova

This Russian illustrator specialises in women illustration. She has a variety of illustrations on her Instagram posts to prove her prowess.

How does she brands her illustrations?

In my quick visit to her Instagram account, I saw the most user engagement on her celebrity illustrations.

People like seeing their favourite celebrities and they share such artwork happily. And, there are chances that it might reach to the actual celebrity and they might re-share it as well.

If you are an illustrator, you must consider it. By no means, I am undermining the artist’s creativity. I am pretty sure people shower their love on other illustrations as well.

2. Vincent Mahé

If you are a sucker for landscape illustrations, your thirst will be quenched by this illustrator.

Huge objects, larger than life landscapes and bright colours are the benchmark feature of his all illustrations.

You are bound to fall in love with his work, once you visit the profile.

He has a great portfolio over Instagram and I think his illustrations are perfect for the homepage of any website.

How does Vincent Mahé brands his illustrations?

I would say his branding sense is very clever. His posts might not be depicting much about him but the overall persona of the illustrator is created by it. It’s very subtle self branding.

The story highlights say a lot about the illustrator. One takeaway I’d recommend is: to use your story highlights as a weapon to showcase your best work.

3. Stephen Grobe Halbuer Aka Plastic Pen

One word that explains this illustrator’s style is: Bizzare.

If you have an inkling for taboo and bizzare designs, this is the right place for you.

You are bound to see more and scroll down the entire post page.

What work for his brand?

His designs are unusual. They create a insatiable curiosity within you about the hidden meaning of the illustrations. See his sketchbook here. PS: He addressed his Instagram account as his sketchbook in the bio.

Your mind will be hell-bent on getting more of it.

My mediocre mind can’t comprehend it.

If you have an unusual style, it can work in your favor. You just have to be consistent with it. Remember that consistency beats everything. The social media algorithm supports consistency like anything. And, your audience loves you for being timely too.

4. Calmchor Aka Shubhajeet Dey

The name of this illustration account is so exotic, you can’t resist but click on it.

And what’s inside doesn’t disappoint you either.

His illustrations have a leaning towards cartoons and an undertone of humour makes it one of the illustration accounts you can’t miss.

What’s Calmchor’s branding forte?

Calmchor’s branding is solely based on relatability.

People relate with his illustrations. It is evident that people prefer humourous stuff above any other kind of emotions.

If you have a great observation, create an art out of it. Use popular shows and characters in your illustration for trendy content.

5. Corporatcomics

If there’s one unapologetic corporate culture bashing account, it’s Corporatcomics.

Corporat covers office memes, piecharts based content, and a lot of truth bombs.

They have won “web comic of the year Comicon awards 2020.”

What’s Corporatcomics’ branding strategy?

This is Corporat character. The personification of a rat is not an alien concept. You must have watched Micky mouse or Tom and Jerry as a kid

It revokes a sense of familiarity among the viewers. It attracts your attention.

Having a good brand mascot is imperative in a long run. They have a merchandise of corporat T-shirts and some other products.

In my opinion, an undertone of humour always works.

6. Chloe Hall

If you tap on this illustration artist’s Insta account, you’ll feel like you have landed in a floral land.

Beautiful patterns, floral themes and pastel colours make it a visual treat.

This UK based illustrator leaves no stone unturned in bringing soothing designs on the digital canvas.

What’s Chloe Hall’s branding?

To be honest, simplicity is her branding theme and uniform patterns are her branding strategy.

As simple as it looks, this is a big feat for an artist.

I have worked with big corporate houses with no constraints of resources, failing to achieve uniform designs throughout the project.

If you are a fashion house or you do something that requires aesthetically pleasing designs, this illustrator can give you some insta post goals.

7. Adriana Walujo

This Melbourne based illustrator has an inkling for pretty simplistic backgrounds and women characters.

Pastel hues, line characters, and natural elements are prominent in her illustrations.

It feels like a walk in nature.

Her Instagram account looks like a lovely place you’d like to visit again and again.

How does Adriana Walujo aces Instagram branding game?

She does it by creating content with similar cohesive look.

Come up with the best strategy for ensuring your content has a similar look and feel across the board.

How to Brand Your Illustrator account on Instagram?

It might look overwhelming to reach appreciative audience on Instagram but it’s not impossible.

I’m going to summarise the branding lessons we learnt from the above mentioned star illustrators:

1. Be consistent. Whatever your style is, own it. Be timely in delivering the content.

2. Why so serious? The greatest branding is humorous tone. This improves your likablity score.

3. Be relatable. Do something people feel a connection to.

4. Emotions – Evoke some emotions and be unapologetic about it.

5. Curiosity doesn’t kill The marketing cat – Create an insatiable curiosity within the viewer. Mystery consumes them.

6. Go where your audience leans- Follow the ongoing trends in your own style.

7. Create something of value. Identify your audience and create for them.

8. Talk to your followers – “Publish and pray” rarely work. No matter what they say, reply them. Sometimes even trolls can bring you an opportunity to connect with your audience.

9. Create story highlights. They are a great showcase for your work.

10. Brand mascot isn’t dead – Create a likable & unique brand mascot. It personifies your brand.

I hope these lessons would help you in breaking the curse of low-count of followers.

If you have any constructive feedback about this piece of writing, I am all ears to receive it. Drop a comment below and I’ll read it and reply you within one business day.

Also, if you are an illustrator, please tell me which of the above mentioned branding lessons you’re going to apply on your Insta profile?

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